Company Profile

CHEXS is an X-ray optics company specializing in thin film coating design, thin film coating development and production, X-ray characterization, simulation, modeling and calibration. CHEXS is a spin-off company from the Space department on the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DTU space has developed a world leading expertise in X-ray optics for high energy astrophysics missions. CHEXS is based at DTU and utilizes, on a rental basis and as required, the state-of-the-art coating and characterization facilities at DTU.

We use optics to manipulate electromagnetic radiation with lenses, glasses, cameras, or parabolic mirrors in lamps and satellite dishes to increase the quality of a beam or a sensor. Thereby using reflection through mirrors or refraction through lenses.

The electromagnetic radiation of X-ray/gamma has a much higher frequency and photon energy than visible radiation making refraction and reflection very challenging.

In industries such as medical, security, and quality control X-rays are used for cancer diagnostics, product quality checks, and, e.g., gamma-ray systems in airports.

By transferring X-ray optics to industrial applications, CHEXS expects to offer increased performance parameters by using their reflective mirror technology as a novel approach and provide remarkable observations.


Sonny Massahi, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Desiree Ferreira, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Finn Christensen, PhD

Chief Technology Officer